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RWD Challenge BMWs
The UKs premier RWD Rally series using 2.5 litre BMWs
Legends Cars
Entry level Championship with more overtaking in one race than a season of F1. Full grids with 3 races per meeting (2 x Heats 1 x Final). Draw by ballot, reverse for heat 2. Final
Monoposto Mono1000 & New Mono1400
The Monoposto Racing Club has played a large role in the introduction of modern motorbike engined single seaters to UK race circuits. Approximately ten years ago the club
Monoposto Racing Club Ltd  Mono2000
For the majority of the last ten years the Mono2000 class has been the 'blue riband' class in the MRC. The class can claim one of the premier positions in the UK club single
Monoposto Racing Club Ltd  - Mono1600
Introduced in the early 1960s the Formula Ford 1600 class has been one of the most successful classes in the history of the sport. These cars are still racing today but with
Monoposto racing Club Ltd  - mono1800
A good case can be made for the Mono 1800 class being the best value class in the Monoposto Championship. Eligible cars are FF Zetec 1800, Formula Vauxhall 2000s fitted with 16v
Monoposto Racing Club Ltd
The MRC has been organising single seater racing for the man in the street for over 40 years. Classes Mono 1000 Mono 1400 Mono 1600 Mono 1800 Mono 2000
HSCC Classic Formula 3
Single seater racing with wings and slicks - 2 litre & 1600cc classes
HSCC Historic F5000 and Formula 2 Championshi
HSCC Historic Formula 5000 and F2
HSCC 70s Road Sports Championship
HSCC 70s Road Sports Championship. For race prepared road registered cars from the 70s with tax and MOT.
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