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ASCAR/European Late Model Series
Our Ex-Ascar,s are racing in 2012/13 with the ELMS, 3 race days in the uk and 18 race weekends in total all with our Nascar styled cars and 5.7ltrs of chevrolet power.
Suzuki Cup 2012
Suzuki Cup 2012
Kartracing Wears
Kartracing Wears
PCBuyIT Coupe Cup for Hyundai Coupes
The PCBuyIT Coupe Cup is a cost and specification controlled race series for generation one and two Hyundai Coupes.
Arrive and Drive hire in Production GTi Championship.
Historic Sports 2000 Championship
The Historic Sports 2000 Series is for Sports 2000 cars built between 1977 and 31/12/82
Sports 2000 Duratec Championship
Sports 2000 Duratec Championship is THE affordable Sports Racing Formula. Best tracks in the UK and Europe, also 1 hour races, full grids and hospitality, awards etc.
Sports 2000 Pinto Championship
Sports 2000 Pinto Championship is for ALL Pinto powered Sports 2000 cars split into 2 age related classes.
BARC Classic Clubmans Championship
Established back in the 1960s Clubmans racing has held a position in British Motorsport as one of the fastest and most exciting National championships.
Caterham Graduates Racing Club
A championship for controlled-spec Caterhams, so you are guaranteed close, fast and affordable racing! And a weekend racing at Spa! Equally suitable for novices and veterans.
Rally Cars for sale, Buy or sell everything for Motorsports