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Fiat Racing Challenge

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If you want close exciting competitive racing without hassle or an overdraft the www.motorlawyers.co uk Fiat Racing Challenge is the answer.

The www.motorlawyers.co.uk Fiat Racing Challenge evolved from the Italian Intermarque over 15 years ago. Since then it has become one of the best value saloon series in the UK.

Often used as an introduction to motorsport or a stepping stone to more expensive series, the Fiat Racing Challenge is close but fair, with the emphasis on driver ability and fun.

Race ready cars cost less than £2000 whilst race winning vehicles command £4500 plus. Novice drivers are allocated a seasoned "pro" to guide them through their first few races and can compete for their own trophy, provided they have raced less than 6 times prior to joining the series.

Friendly but competitive, the series is highly regarded by those in the know. Running primarily Unos and Puntos, described by Autosport as "miniature touring cars" these Italian hot hatches are deceptively quick on their Matador slicks. Although engines are limited to 1300cc, they do rev to 8000rpm and lightness and suspension mods make the Fiats faster than many more "high profile" and expensive series, plus, whatever your ability, you will know that you have been in a race.

Check out our video at youtube.com/watch?v=nfx3aDAlKtA or log on to www.fiatracing.com for more details. Be prepared for a surprise.

Vehicle Type:Saloon
Drive Type:FWD
Tyre Type:Slicks
Uk Or Non-Uk:UK
Manufacturer:Same make multi-model
Realistic Inclusive Budget:5,000-10,000
Typical Vehicle Min Purchase Price:<2,500
Typical Vehicle Max Purchase Price:5,000-10,000
Organising Club:BRSCC
Ad Type:Championship
Licence Requirement:National B
Website Address:WWW.fiatracing.com

Contact NameAlan Jones
Company NameFiat Racing Challenge
CountryUnited Kingdom
Preferred Phone07957145279
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