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British GT Championship

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The 2007 Avon Tyres British GT Championship is open to cars in three classes

GT3 Cars in the GT3 category are closest to their road car equivalents. The cars have their interiors stripped out to save weight and safety enhancements are fitted. Limited and strictly policed alterations can be made to the suspension, engine and bodywork.

GTC The basis for this class are the specific regulations for the single-make cups, & the characteristics of production cars amended by the points mentioned in the championship technical regulations. Any modification to the car is forbidden if it is not specifically authorised.

Invitation class - This class will be for cars, selected by the organisers, which for reason of homologation, production numbers or other reasons do not comply with the regulations for GTC or GT3.

What is the definition of a Grand Touring (GT) Car?

A closed automobile that has no more than one door on each side, no more than four seats, is fully legal for road use & has been modified to ensure suitability for speed races on circuits or closed courses.

Types of Cars eligible to race in the Avon Tyres British GT Championship: GT3 Aston Martin DBRS9, Lotus Exige, Ascari KZ1R, Porsche 997,Dodge Viper, Jaguar XK,

GTC Cars that were eligible for GT3 in the 2005 British GT Championship: Cars include Ferrari 360, Porsche 996, Ginetta G20, Morgan, Marcos

Vehicle Type:GT/Sports Car
Drive Type:RWD
Tyre Type:Slicks
Uk Or Non-Uk:UK
Realistic Inclusive Budget:>100,000
Typical Vehicle Min Purchase Price:>100,000
Typical Vehicle Max Purchase Price:>100,000
Organising Club:BRSCC
Ad Type:Championship
Licence Requirement:International
Website Address:www.britishgt.com

Contact NamePaolo Callea
Company NameStephane Ratel Organisation Ltd
CountryUnited Kingdom
Preferred Phone020 7835 2573
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