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Frequently Asked Questions


Why MotorsportAds?

We are passionate about motorsport and our goal is to open the market for buying selling and promoting everything to do with motorsport. By ‘open’ we mean making it quick, easy, and cost effective to trade.

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Why does MotorsportAds work whereas other websites I've used don't?

Firstly, we've made this site clean, simple, uncluttered, easy to follow and navigate. That's critical and that's why people like it, use it, tell other people about it, and come back regularly. Of course, it's a process of continual improvement so we won’t be sitting around doing nothing – and we welcome any suggestions you'd like to make.

Secondly, we carry out extensive marketing activity – including promotion at selected race circuits, press advertising, race championship sponsorship & promotion, web promotion, and telesales activity - to make sure everyone in motorsport is aware of us, so that we can increase the likelihood of people seeing your ads.

Thirdly, the structure of our ads and the power of our search engine means that buyers can readily find what they're looking for, without wading through pages and pages of irrelevant information.

Fourthly, because we're working hard making sure it works - checking ad content and suggesting enhancements where necessary, listening careful to comments and suggestions and acting upon them, carefully looking at everything we do to make it as efficient and as effective as possible.

Fifthly, cos we're just nice people.....

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How do I place a classified ad?

To place a classfied ad, please follow these steps:

  • if you are not already registered on the site, please do so by selecting 'Register' from the top menu
  • select 'Place Ad' from the top menu
  • select the main category in which your ad is to appear
  • choose the ad style
  • fill in the ad details
  • select the photos you’d like to appear with your ad
  • click to confirm your agreement to our T's & C's
  • save your ad
  • and make your payment (unless your ad is a Free Ad).

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How do I upload photos into my ad?

When you are placing your ad, there is the option to select the photo or photos you would like to appear with your ad. Click on the 'browse' button, and select the photo from your computer.

Uploading large photos can take some time, so we recommend that you resize and optimise your photos beforehand. The maximum size photo on MotorsportAds is 500x500 pixels, and if they are bigger than this we automatically resize them while they are being uploaded. So it is quicker if you resize beforehand, and optimise or compress them so that they take less space. The quality of a photo on the web doesn't need to be anything like as good as one that you want to print.

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Am I a Trade or Private Advertiser?

The Business Advertisement Disclosure Order 1977 requires all advertisements by people who seek to sell goods in the course of business to make the fact clear. This requirement applies whether the advertiser is acting on his own behalf or for some other person in the course of whose business goods are to be sold.

We allow you to indicate this when you register by stating whether you are a Trade or Private Advertiser. In some situations it is arguable whether or not it is a Trade sell (for example a race team whose business is preparing and running race cars who want to sell one of their cars) so we would recommend that, if in doubt, go for Trade. We're not aware of any particularly negative impact that would have on sales of motorsport items. It's certainly best and follows the spirit of the law to make it clear in such circumstances to any potential buyers exact what the nature of your business is.

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I thought I'd placed an ad but can't find it?

If the ad doesn't appear within 'My Account', then it has not been completed. By far the most likely reason for this is uploading very large photos and either the internet connection timing out or user intervention.

We recommend that you firstly resize your photos to a maximum of 500x500 pixels and, if you have the software to do it, compress the photo as much as possible whilst still retaining a decent picture quality. Alternatively, complete the Place Ad process without uploading photos, then select to edit your ad from within My Account and upload the photos at that time.

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What are the different types of classified ad?

There is a choice of three different classified ad styles*:

Ad Names £48

£ 0

All prices exclude VAT

Free Ads are solely for items under £1,000, excluding items that are pursuant to your trade or business activities, eg spanners being sold by a tool merchant, and may not be used for advertising services.


  • Jobs Available - Free Ads are not available, Standard Ads last 2 months max, Feature Ads 4 months max
  • Race & Rally Motorbikes - Standard Ads are FREE
  • Karts For Sale - Standards Ads are HALF PRICE
  • 2 & 4 Wheel Championships - all ads are of 12 months duration
  • 2 Wheel Championships - Standard Ads are FREE

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Is my credit/debit card payment secure?

All payments made online via MotorsportAds are processed by a company called SagePay (formerly known as Protx) who are the preferred choice for many banks including HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays and Nat West. We don’t process any credit card information directly on our website.

SagePay has achieved the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). They adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, ensuring that your details remain secure throughout the transaction process.

If however you prefer to make your payment over the phone, please place your ad, then call us with your credit/debit card details.

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How will someone find my ad?

Clicking on a category on the left hand side menu, will open all ads within that category. Feature Ads appear at the top of the listings, Standard Ads appear next in the listings, followed by Free Ads. In certain categories there are sub-categories, allowing an initial finer tune of ad listings.

The normal search tool then allows you to search ad content for specific words or phrases. The advanced search tool enables you to be significantly more specific, with search criteria which are specific to each ad category.

Try to think what keywords people might use when searching for your item, and make sure your ad contains these words. For example a search for 'VW' will not find 'Volkswagen' and vice versa, so include both words in your ad eg 'Volkswagen/VW'

Listings show a thumbnail photo, title, summary description, price, number of times the ad has been viewed, and whether you are a private or trade advertiser. Clicking on an ad within the listings opens the full ad.

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How can I search for items for sale?

There are two ways to find what you're looking for: one is to browse the ad categories using the navigation menu on the left of the website; the other is to use the search feature, from either within a specific category or on the Home Page to search all ads.

All classified ads are placed in their most relevant category. Several categories have sub-categories to help you easily access the ads you want to see. Clicking on a category name on the left menu will display all the ads in that category which you can then browse through.

Within each category or sub-category there is a simple text search facility so, for example, if you enter "Clio" in the search the results will display all ads with the characters "Clio" within the ad title, description or specifications. In several categories there are sub-categories that all you to narrow down the ads that are displayed (for example in Race Cars For Sale you can select Single Seaters, Saloons, GT/Sports Cars or Historic).

When you search for a phrase with more than one word in it, e.g. MG Midget, the text search will find all ads that have both these words in their details in any order and not necessarily together. As long as the ad has the word MG and the word Midget anywhere in the details the ad will be found. If you want to find the specific phrase MG Midget then put double quotes around the phrase, i.e. "MG Midget". You can mix phrases and words into one search so the search for "MG Midget" Race Cars will find any ads with the phrase MG Midget and the words Cars and Race anywhere in their details. Text searches are not case sensitive.

Advanced search allows you to search more specifically on different criteria depending which category you're in. For example in race cars there are criteria like 'Championships Eligible For' and 'Engine Size', whereas in motorhomes criteria are things like 'Sleeping Capacity' and 'Length'.

Bear in mind when searching that it's possible that the advertiser might not have used the keyword(s) you are using in your search, so sometimes it's worth trying some variations.

If you want to search all ads regardless of category, use the search from the Home Page or use the search within a category but tick the 'All categories' check box..

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How can I sort my search results?

You can sort by date the ad was created, date the ad was last updated, or ad title, in either ascending or descending order..

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Can I place more than one ad?

Yes, you may place as many ads as you like, but only one Free Ad per item or service, with a maximum of ten Free Ads per person or organisation. Ads automatically expire at the end of their designated time period, but can be renewed, or you can choose to remove the ad at any time.

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How do I manage my ads?

Within ‘My Account’ you can access your current and recently expired ads. You can activate or remove ads any time, edit an ad, upgrade an ad, and extend the ad placement period.

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How do I remove my ad once it's sold?

Within 'My Account', tick the box alongside your ad to show whether it's sold via motorsportads or elsewhere, and click the button 'Process ticked ads'.

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Do I get a part refund if my item is sold quickly?

Yes, in all seriousness, we've really been asked this question! The answer is of course no, but if you'd like to show your delight in selling your item so quickly, then please:

a) tell others how good MotorsportAds is
b) do all your motorsport related advertising with us
c) make a donation with some of the proceeds of your sale to either or both of the Motorsport Safety Fund and the British Motor Sport Training Trust.

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I placed my ad over a week ago and it hasn't sold yet. Why?

Some items sell really quickly on MotorsportAds, others do take longer. The nature of the motorsport marketplace is that it's not uncommon for certain motorsport items to take some time to sell. That doesn’t mean that the item itself is necessarily in any way deficient or overpriced, just that the marketplace is finite and people are not always looking for, say, a particular type of race car at the same time as someone puts it on the market.  Nevertheless, it's worth checking that your item is competitively priced, clearly and properly described, and that you've used good photos in your ad. Also, please make sure you've included and correctly spelt all the words that someone searching for your item would be likely to use.

If it's a Free Ad, it may be worth considering upgrading it to a Standard or Feature Ad to achieve a higher profile for your item (you can do this from 'My Account', by clicking on the ad title, changing the Ad Style, saving the ad and making the appropriate payment). Similarly if it's a Standard Ad, it may be worth upgrading it to a Feature Ad (please call or email us if you'd like to do this).

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Can I upgrade to a Standard Ad or a Feature Ad?

If you have a Free Ad you can upgrade at any time by clicking on the ad title from within 'My Account', changing the Ad Style, saving the ad and making the appropriate payment. If it's a Standard Ad, please call or email us if you'd like to upgrade to a Feature Ad.

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How do I update my contact details?

This is done within ‘My Account’. Contact details stored here are automatically used for your ads, and if you update your contact details it will update all your ads with the new contact details.

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How do I access 'My Account'?

If you are logged in, the My Account option shows towards the right hand side of the top menu bar. If you are not logged in, you will see an option 'Log In' in the same place, which you should select.

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Will my email address be available to someone looking at my ads?

No. If someone wants to send you an email, they complete an email form which keeps your email address private. Such emails are forwarded to you automatically via MotorsportAds.

It is well known that ads can attract 'scammers'. By not publishing your email address, and through the use of our anti-scamming software, you are fairly well protected against scam emails. However, the risk of receiving a scam contact still exists, so please be aware - if it is too good to be true, it usually is. Scam emails usually follow a standard scenario: you are offered more than the asking price and you are required to pass on the surplus. What generally then happens is that you receive payment, you pay the surplus back to the person, then several weeks later the payment you received is bounced.

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If I place a 'Job Wanted' ad, will my personal info be displayed?

Because people often want their name & phone number not to be displayed with a 'Job Wanted' ad, this information is NOT displayed in the contact details of such an ad. Instead respondents to these ad are required to contact the advertiser by sending an email using the MotorsportAds internal email system. That way, if you don't want to be indentifiable (for example by your current employer!), you won't be.

If you want your name and phone number to be on display, you must include it in your ad details.

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How do I place a display ad?

Please contact us directly at trade@motorsportads.com or call us on +44 (0)7811 270 707.

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